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Here at Bageltown of West Hempstead our mission is to be the best and most delicious KOSHER eatery in Nassau County. Located in the heart of West Hempstead on Hempstead av. near the magnificent new West Hempstead public library, we offer a wide range of breakfast & lunch items while maintaining completely MEAT FREE. 


ALL baking is done by hand on premise and is Pas Yisroel. ALL BAKING is completely (100%) free of ALL NUTS, SESAME, DAIRY, and MEAT. Sorry no Cheese Danish.  


We do offer many other Danish and are willing to make special orders with some notice, as long it contains no nut, sesame, dairy or meat.


Our house whipped cream cheese is Chalov Yisroel. This is a dairy that is watched over to ensure it is 100% from a Kosher animal and no other milks are mixed in. Our Flavored cream cheeses include Veggie, Green Olive, Scallion, Nova, Plain, and at times you can find Raspberry, Blueberry, Chocolate Chip  as well, all of which are whipped and flavored in house.


Bageltown enjoys catering for all dairy or parve occasions, be it a Bris, Baby shower, Engagement Party, Office Party, Cold Breakfast.

We’re ready to make YOU look good.

BagelTown of West Hempstead
488 Hempstead Ave.
West Hempstead NY 11552
516-505-5556 Main
516-505-5557 Fax
All baked goods are Baked on Premise
*NUT FREE Facility
*PARVE – NO DAIRY Facility
*MEAT Free Facility
Catering Available – Offices?
Under the strict supervision
             Vaad Harabonim of Queens
ALL Baked products - Pas Yisroel
Cholov Yisroel is available 
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